My name is Morten Tropp. Born 1980. Artist since 2001 and working full time as an artist since 2019. 

My mom was an alcoholic. My dad was an alcoholic. My brother is an addict. I just paint.

I like to think of myself as a landscape painter. Not the usual kind, more like one who expresses my emotional and spiritual state of mind through painting. 

I believe that we are shaped as human beings, by the experiences we encounter through life. Deep down we all have monsters that we hate, fear, love etc. Maybe it’s a good idea to get to know your monsters? I’ve tamed my monsters. Would you like to meet some of them?

“Morten Tropp tells captivating stories in his works. He works from the subconscious and rarely uses sketches. It creates interesting images that contain many layers and takes you on a journey inwards in the picture and in yourself. He is inspired by street art, graffiti and children’s drawings. The uniqueness of Morten’s works is that they have been worked out over a period of several years. Enjoy!
– Torben Buus, Works Art Fair